The Tibby Olivier Empire

From our humble roots, as one of England’s best kept secrets, our Tibby Olivier Empire has grown from a National to an International Company.

Our brands comprise of Faith Lift, the Complete Non- Surgical Face Lifting Skincare System, to our Hero Product Shrinking Violet Its A Wrap, the Revolutionary Body Wrap which has taken the World by storm since its launch and now has a clinical trial attached to it!!! With rave reviews from Therapists and their clientele, the demand for Shrinking Violet Body Wrap continues to grow.

"All I Need to get into My Little Black Dress Is Shrinking Violet Body Wrap".

Then we come to our new Contour D’Or, Sun-kissed and Svelte! If you not only wish to look tanned but also toned and trim, why not try Contour D’Or – The Avant-Garde Shrinking Tan, a three-in-one treatment to contour, tan and give inch loss, currently receiving our latest rave reviews from therapists and clients. Gain Your Wings Come and join The Contour D’Or Air Force.

We believe we encompass the three things every woman/man wants.. to look younger, lose inches and tan – who wouldn't?

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