Welcome to Tibby Olivier - Shrinking Violet - Faith Lift - Contour D’Or

The Tibby Olivier Empire

An international supplier of award winning beauty products. Loved by celebrities and beauty professional’s worldwide!

Our brands comprise of Faith Lift, the Complete Non- Surgical Face Lifting Skincare System, to our Hero Product Shrinking Violet It’s A Wrap, the Revolutionary Body Wrap which has taken the World by storm since its launch and now has a clinical trial attached to it!!! With rave reviews from Therapists and their clientele, the demand for Shrinking Violet Body Wrap continues to grow.

"All I Need to get into My Little Black Dress Is Shrinking Violet Body Wrap".

Then we come to our new Contour D’Or, Sun-kissed and Svelte! If you not only wish to look tanned but also toned and trim, why not try Contour D’Or – The Avant-Garde Shrinking Tan, a three-in-one treatment to contour, tan and give inch loss, currently receiving our latest rave reviews from therapists and clients.  Gain Your Wings Come and join The Contour D’Or Air Force.

We believe we encompass the three things every woman/man wants.. to look younger, lose inches and tan – who wouldn’t?

Tibby Olivier stays true to its ethos of keeping Professional products strictly for the trained therapist whilst mixing sublime ranges available to the retail customer. Browse our site to get a feel for the luxury and quality that IS Tibby Olivier.


The “Tibby Olivier Empire” has grown rapidly over the past year with Colonial Offices now in Canada, America, Japan, Spain, Korea, Russia and Australia.

Our Dominions are ever growing and we look forward to meeting the rest of the World.


“We are proud to be Vegan Friendly, paraben free, Hand Made in Great Britain, . Not tested on Animals. Synthetic Fragrance Free. Artificial Colour Free. Sulphate Free. Propylene Glycol Free. Silicone Free. DEA Free and SLS Free. Sodium or Aluminium Laurel Sulphate Free. We use Organic Essential Oils and Vegetable Oils and wherever possible

I would not ask anyone to use a cosmetic product that I would not put on my own skin. I only use THE best cosmetic ingredients as pure as possible, that I can trace back to its origins, Eco friendly and preferably Fairtrade.

I work with growers and farmers so you receive the finest quality and freshest ingredients

We also have a Low Carbon Footprint because we make all of our products by hand and in one place, distributing direct, removing warehouses, supermarkets and associated transport from the chain - the carbon footprint of our products is significantly lower that the products you will find in the supermarket. it is part of our ethical and environmental policy to source all of our products within our immediate vicinity and support local businesses wherever possible.

Consistent Output. We select each ingredient carefully and formulate every product to deliver a consistently high quality output, be it with additional agents of essential oils, antioxidants, barks, resins or herbs.”